The Facts:

What is ‘Permaculture’?
Permaculture is sustainable land use design guided by ethics of Earth Care and People Care.

Omaha Permaculture is a non-profit organization whose main goals are: 

I.  Beautifying unused and unwanted city land with art, edible plants, trees, and flowers.

II.  Providing access to affordable, nutritious food for lower-income residents in the Nebraskan community.

III.  We are teaching and employing people coming off probation, people with disabilities and veterans for our landscape maintenance clients.

IV.  Creating a replicable model for growing food crops with minimal input and minimal labor * aka permaculture *. 


Services Offered... 

Please inquire at info@OmahaPermaculture.Org

- Landscape Maintenance contracts...daily, biweekly, weekly, bimonthly, monthly and seasonal options

- Landscape Installation

- Organic Waste (Food Waste) collection contracts...restaurants, residence, church, neighborhood group

- Entire Property Permaculture Design