The Omaha City Planning Department was eager to find a solution for a plot that didn't have imminent development plans so Omaha Permaculture presented a permaculture approach to managing the land. We have since turned this grim vacant lot into our first permaculture food forest.

It is going to be our best perennial edible heat trap!


3802 & 3809 Miami Street


May 2015



The Miami Street lot was a popular dumping site for area residents so the first thing we did was pick up all the litter. It was a definite improvement! Since cleaning up the lot the dumping has somewhat subsided. We brought goats onto the property for the day to help weed and fertilize. Curiosity from kids in the neighborhood motivated them to walk over and ask questions. Community engagement! Once the permaculture oasis is established we are confident that it will become an area of pride where the local residents will congregate.