An Introduction to Permaculture in Nebraska

An Introduction to Permaculture in Nebraska (Part 1 of 4) 

Gus von Roenn, PDC

In a successful agricultural state like Nebraska, many people may not believe that there is much room for improvement when compared with other agricultural regions around the world. As a Permaculture designer, I would like to inform you that if adopted statewide, the philosophy of Permaculture would transform Nebraska into THE most abundant and healthy paradise on Earth.

Permaculture is an ideology that funnels the revelations of science through community ethics. Permaculture begins with deistic reverence of the earth, nature and its cycles. Then, once you have provided abundance for you and your family, Permaculture invites you to share your extra time, talent or money towards helping those who need assistance in your community. All of life’s endeavors can be improved with Permaculture: energy, finance, farming, transportation, building, music and art.

As climate changes, do you notice that nature’s cycles are changing? Enduring a potential fifth year of drought, what do California farmers think about climate change? Do you notice mankind’s cycle change in lockstep with nature’s changes?